This year we are sharing a culmination of works of art by participants in the Guttenberg Center for Special Services at our JCC and other children, teens and adults with disabilities across our community in recognition and celebration of

Jewish Disabilities Acceptance & Inclusion Month, February 2021 - Celebrating a culture of belonging at our JCC!

Established more than 20 years ago, the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades hosts the Annual ART FOR ALL exhibit in February showcasing the creative artwork of individuals with disabilities. The exhibit brings together the creative expressions of this exceptional community and celebrates their individuality and self-expression. Submissions include framed drawings and paintings, ceramics, sculptures, 3D printing, photography, sculptural pieces, and more which showcase the creative talents of these special artists. This year, we are pleased to offer a virtual tour of ART FOR ALL exhibits from years past. We congratulate all of our artists!

The arts can level the playing field as we move towards a fully inclusive community because the arts provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to excel at self-expression through drawing, painting, acting or dancing and singing. More importantly, the arts bring individuals with disabilities great joy and builds high self-esteem. Additionally, participating in the arts reinforces creativity, individuality, self-expression and freedom, and supports the development of increasing time-on-task, attention span, following directions and so many more critical life skills. An additional benefit to participating in the arts is new opportunities for family and community connections.

“Without opportunities for art, the talent lying within a student with disabilities could be lost forever.” – Nancy Bailey

Shelley Levy, Director Guttenberg Center for Special Services

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further how you may help support our program, please contact Shelley Levy by email at