Child Success Center

Speech • Occupational Therapy • Social Skills

The Center offers on-site support services for children at the JCC who can benefit from Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and individual consultations. Social skills groups and parent counseling are also offered. Collaboration with parents and teachers is an integral part of creating the path to success and is the cornerstone of the Center’s philosophy. Early identification and timely intervention are essential for promoting optimal growth in children.

The staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals in the fields of education, speech and language, occupational therapy, child development and parenting. For our nursery school, camp and Kids Club families the Center provides the opportunity to have children brought directly to their services during class time. Center staff will be able to bring the children directly to their services as well as support the teachers and counselors in the classroom and during camp activities.

All sessions are held at the JCC.

Services include:

Speech and Language therapists help children develop receptive, expressive and pragmatic language skills. In addition they aid in the achievement of speech clarity and increase overall play skills. Speech therapists provide oral motor therapy to children who exhibit weak oral motor skills. Auditory processing deficits are also addressed.

  • Free screenings on site
  • Speech/Language evaluations
  • Individual Language Therapy
  • Language Therapy for 2 children together (dyad)

Occupational therapists help children process sensory information which increases their ability to self-regulate. In addition therapists work to develop gross and fine motor skills, motor planning, visual motor skills and self-help skills.

  • Free screenings on site
  • Occupational Therapy evaluations
  • Individual Occupational Therapy
  • Consults with teachers if accommodations need to be made in the classroom


  • 2 year old Toddler Socialization Group: For 2 year olds experiencing delays in language acquisition or socialization skills. The goal of the group is to help with facilitation of communication, play and social interactions. Tues & Thurs 10-11am, rolling admission
  • 3-4 year old social/communication group: This group is for children who need help with communication, play, socialization and self-regulation. Problems in these areas can lead to challenges in the classroom setting. The group meets 3 times a week.
  • K-2nd Grade After School Social Skills Group: This group offers a comprehensive social skills curriculum which teaches children how to communicate and play with their peers and how to regulate their emotions and their behavior. Each group will meet once per week. Group leaders will have regular contact with the parents/caregivers so that skills taught can be practiced at home. Thurs, 4-5pm


  • Parent Counseling: Parent counseling can help parents develop skills and coping strategies, to more effectively manage their child’s emotional and behavioral challenges.
  • Play Therapy: Play Therapy can help children express their fears and worries, develop self-confidence, improve impulse control and develop more adaptive coping strategies. In addition, the play therapist will provide the family with parenting strategies. This service is offered to children ages four and above.


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