a few years ago. With two young kids and working all the time, he didn’t have time for himself, his family or his two young kids. Hungering for a change, Philip decided to set himself a new goal, personal fitness, and joined the JCC after hearing about its incredible gym, depth of health and fitness programs, and high-level trainers known for their expertise in helping people achieve their fitness goals. He started off taking spin class, circuit training and weightlifting. Philip loved how it made him feel better physically and mentally and full of energy. Encouraged by the team of JCC health & wellness professionals, he extended his routine to include swimming and began working with a swim coach. He then added a running program to his routine, and ultimately participated in the JCC’s triathlon training and became a triathlete. Philip shares: “I never saw myself doing a Tri and even questioned if it was a realistic goal, but the trainers at the “J” made me believe I could achieve anything I set my mind to. That type of encouragement is priceless and not easy to find. It’s really taken my life to a whole new level.