leaving friends and family behind. They met in New York, got married, and 3 young children later started to feel like city life had become cramped. Toby and Boaz also missed the sense of community they had in Israel. So, in 2013, they decided to move with their kids, Yoav and twins Guy and Maya, in hopes of finding a place where they could really put down roots. They did their research, learned about the JCC and its community, and declared their search over. From the moment they entered its doors, Toby says she knew the JCC was for them. All three kids attended The Leonard and Syril Rubin Nursery School at the JCC and NKDC summer camp. They had a great summer at Start Up Nation, the JCC’s Hebrew immersion camp, have enjoyed Kids Club, the JCC’s after school clubhouse, and love going to Emek, the Israeli language and cultural program. Toby finds the JCC’s vacation mini camps helpful for working parents and enjoys attending the JCC Israeli Center’s screenings, lectures and performances and having the opportunity to enjoy networking with the amazing Israeli community that lives in the area. And this year, the Arbels all celebrated Mother’s Day by running the JCC’s Rubin Run together as a family. Toby shares: “We have met so many friends, who like us are also missing their families back in Israel, and together we have made the JCC a home away from home.