Making dreams of studying music a reality!

The Thurnauer School has been reaching out to area public and private schools since 1993, and has collaborated with the Englewood Public School District (EPSD) since 1997. This initiative has grant support from the National Endowment for the Arts and has been praised by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation as “…a stellar example – one of the finest partnerships in the state.”   Thurnauer has also partnered with The Moriah School, The Solomon Schechter Day School, The Paterson Public Schools (in collaboration with William Paterson University) and many others. Offering three levels of focus, the Music Discovery Partnership serves children in grades Pre-K to 12 during and after school, on-site at the partnering schools and at Thurnauer.

Chamber Music Express (CME)
During a week-long residency, CME introduces students to live classical music with a string quartet of artist-teachers from the Thurnauer School. The musicians collaborate with classroom teachers to integrate music learning into the academic curriculum. The week culminates with a performance that includes both the students and the artists.

Music Discovery Partnership I (MDP I)
Taught by an outstanding artist faculty, MDP I offers students in the elementary grades a 30-week, hands-on, in-depth introduction to music, laying the groundwork for instrumental and choral participation in the public school setting. It includes small group instrumental lessons, musicianship classes, the award-winning Young People’s Chorus at Thurnauer and performance opportunities.

Music Discovery Partnership II (MDPII)
Open to the most highly motivated students who have participated in MDP I, or have been recommended by their schools music faculty, MDP II is a subsidized program that includes private lessons, musicianship classes, group class, performance ensembles, and recitals. Students are fully enrolled in the Thurnauer School and may continue in the program throughout high school. MDP II students have been accepted to Stanford, Rutgers, Juilliard and many other major universities and conservatories.

The Music Discovery Partnership can be creatively adapted to fit most learning environments.
For more information about bringing this program to an area school, contact our partnership coordinator at (201) 408-1463 or the music school office at (201) 408-1465.